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Letters to the editor Send us a note and tell us what you think of Fitness Trainer and what we can do to make it better fitness trainer book reviews Hi Bob, Finding Om: An Indian Journey of Beauty, Culture and Chaos I was informed of your magazine by a friend and was very impressed with the concept. It fills a deep need that has been missing from a purely educational standpoint. Trainers, like anybody else, need all the help they can get trying to make an honest buck. For you readers, I am in my 50th year of training and Bob Rose and I go back a long way (20 years). When I was looking to expand beyond my training studios/exercise equipment stores and move into products, I knew I had to advertise on a national level. At that time Bob was Ad Director for a group of fitness and bodybuilding magazines in NYC. From our initial contact Bob gave me incredible Ad rates, guidelines on media promotion, and more than once nursed me through very tight deadlines. We had great success with Bob's help and enjoyed a long business relationship. I can recommend Bob to anyone who is looking to advertise or glean advice from his wealth of knowledge. I am also pleased to assist this great project in any way I can. I am celebrating my 50th year in this business. Success is about giving back, so I may be able to share some of my experiences and thoughts with your readers, in future issues. By Elizabeth Rae Kovar Yours In Good Health, Don Cestone Don Cestone Fitness INC. Luvvit! How do I get to write for you guys? Donna Fitness South Hi Al, I am a personal trainer with two facilities in the Boston area. Unless I'm wrong, you are the new editor of Fitness Trainer so let me be blunt - the first few issues of the magazine stunk. The stories were dull, the photographs were worse and I saw no reason to open your link. However, I read your article in the last three issues and if it is you behind it all - you are to be complimented. The magazine has a whole new look and it also does what it's supposed to do. Continue like this and you will do fine. Larry Smith Elmo7fitness All letters from readers become the property of Fitness Trainer Publications This not-your-average travel memoir is a driver's seat perspective into the mind and soul of a young but spry traveler named Elizabeth. Unable to cope with life situations, Elizabeth's mental health crumbled but she eventually found the natural cure: studying yoga in India. From predicted prophecies of romance to selfrealization on the yoga mat, these are the riveting tales of one's girl journey into the land of the unknown. Blossom your mind as you live vicariously through the highs and lows of life - Indian style. A humorous yet empathetic read for those who struggle through the destruction and creation of life challenges. Stay balanced through a fusion of eastern and holistic approaches and wisdom regarding life, love, personal growth and wellness. Book release late 2013. For more information on the publication, please visit: Running, And Other Bad Habits By Mark K. Henderson Reviewed by Wendy Scheuring I am a runner. I LOVE to run. But running is not my vocation or my avocation. I run because I like it and I like to enjoy it. I do not take running so seriously… I started to think I was the only runner like myself out there. Then I saw "Running, And Other Bad Habits." The cover made me laugh. I didn't stop (except when I had to take a breath) until I read the final piece. Finally, a runner who makes fun of all the foibles of running: falling, feeling sick, getting sick, getting lost, Port-O-Lets (or the lack thereof) and in so doing, makes it all seem funny. Mark K. Henderson promises that his book will not make you run faster, smarter or prettier, but it will make you laugh. I am still laughing. Nearly 200 pages of short stories with characters that impart chill, wisdom, reality and hilarity. Running Bad Habits on Google Plus

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