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A goal and motivational driven assessment for trainers. By Kevin Kearns heckup from the neck up." I heard this from the late great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, who with his witty Texas drawl would lecture about personal improvement. Since we as fitness trainers are in the personal improve- ment business, I think it's wise we consider a checkup from the neck up—assessing goals, motivation, integrity, etc.—every now and again; and especially before taking on new clients as you likely will in the coming months. A very successful client once said to me that reflect- ion on yourself and past busi- ness ventures is a good thing. He added that the hardest thing to do when evaluating yourself was to be objective and kind. Kind … that word really stuck with me. As someone who has been self-employed for more than 26 years, and tends to beat myself up too much when I feel I'm not do- ing enough, being kind can be especially challenging. So as you begin you're very own "checkup from the neck up" assessing yourself on the following business and per- sonal points, please remember to be kind to yourself. "C Check Up Neck Up from the 1. Live, love, and laugh. There have been two sides to my personal- ity for a long time—Coach K and Dr. Evil. Coach K is the easy going, fun loving guy that will get the job done while we're all having a good time. Dr. Evil is all business and let's spill some blood in the mud. That being said, I have learned, and continue, to perfect the skill of bouncing back and forth between the two. Sometimes moment-to-moment sometimes client-to-client. However, at the end of the day both personalities will still live, love, and laugh. 2. Enter a new zone. Every six months to a year, I choose to learn something completely new that will help me, and my clients. Thirty-seven years ago, I walked into my first martial arts class. Thirty-six years ago, I picked up my first barbell. Nine years ago, I rolled out the yoga mat. In short, don't be afraid of getting out of your com- fort zone. 4. Take the shot. In 2006, I took the shot at working with up- coming UFC fighters Kenny Florian after losing a title shot. With my wife's backing I took the shot. That spun into me becoming a pioneer in MMA fitness; working with 15 UFC fighters, producing my own MMA fitness DVDs, and launching one of the first MMA fitness trainer certifications. 3. Always a white belt. No matter what I'm studying or try- ing, I always want to start at the ba- sics. Even if my ego is screaming that I know this already, I always try to read and learn more. Whether it's personal self-improve- ment or Pilates. There is always something I can learn. The Personal Trainer's Trainer

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