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- There are two types of periodization (cycling through loads, reps, sets, etc.): linear and undulating periodization. - Linear periodization is great for beginners and considered the "classic" method, starting with a hypertrophy phase (8-12 reps for 4 weeks) and then cycling through a strength phase (5-8 reps for 4 weeks), a power phase (1-5 reps for 4 weeks), and a restorative phase (decrease in training or overall rest). - Undulating periodization is often used for those clients training multiple times per week and can be structured (tweaks in rep range) for daily or weekly needs. - Daily: when on a 4 day training program lift of choice - day 1 10 reps/3 sets, day 3 8 reps/4 sets. - Weekly: 12 reps week 1, 10 reps week 2, 8 reps weeks 3 and 4. - Undulating not only allows for endurance/hypertrophy, strength/hypertrophy, and strength/power gains; but also a period of deloading, reducing plateau effect. Programming: Periodization tiP2

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