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- Making sure the shoulder blades are retracted and pressed into the bench throughout the entire movement is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to bench press form. - If you can be sure those blades are retracted, you can offer your client a more stable base of support against the bench, which will decrease anterior forces through the shoulder during the lower position, in turn activating the pectoralis major more than they may expect. - Plus, by targeting the pec major rather than the anterior deltoid, they'll optimize the mechanics of the target muscle here. Form: Scapular retraction tip1 - Research shows that implementing resistance band training into your free weight bench press increases press torque and power by 25% more than just free weights alone. - To effectively add resistance band training into the mix simply attach resistance bands to each end of the barbell, and depending upon the bench of rack you are using the bands can simply go under the bench/power rack. Some benches/ power racks even have specific spots for you to attach the bands to provide proper resistance. equipment: implement reSiStance BandS tip3 Jesse Westover Is a National Academy of Sports Medi- cine (NASM) certified personal trainer (CPT) based in Burnsville, MN. Visit him on Facebook at, Or email him at,

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