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Legal Notes ealth care screening may be the most important part of a personal trainer's functions. However, the legal obligations and legal duties of personal trainers are not well understood by many people in the fitness industry. Why is this? Two reasons • None of the certifications available provide the necessary functional legal education, which personal trainers require to adequately protect their clients and themselves. • The allopathic medical community has obfuscated; it has messed up and generally muddied the legal fitness waters. What is a Health Care Screening? Health care screening or just plain "health screening" is a generic term. It should not be confused with "medical" screening. Examples of medical screens are heart screens or a Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), which are reserved for physicians and other kinds of licensed health care providers. Personal trainers and many other health care providers use terms such as pre-screening, pre- activity screening, pre-participation screening, and just plain "screening" improperly and often interchangeably. Trainers, you must make the fundamental distinction between the use of written documentation—versus—the use of a physical test / fitness evaluation—to determine the fitness level/readiness for exercise of your client. On Paper & In Counsel As a Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Specialist, many years ago I had the pleasure to screen seven of the top Junior Golfers in Canada; three out of seven had undiagnosed pain. Two years ago, I also had the privilege to screen several Montreal Canadien Hockey players. Research shows that 20 percent of individuals (young, old, sedentary, or active) when "cleared" by their doctors are actually in pain. H So—on a practical level—if personal trainers wish to use the best fitness evaluation in the world- I heartily recommend FMS. An injured client would be insane to try to sue a trainer who uses FMS, because FMS is the best physical fitness tool or screening tool in existence! The Principal "Protective Documents" are: • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q), a form originally developed by the British Columbia Ministry of Health- now the most widely used 'form" of health care screening. • Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination (PAR X- PAR MED) can be used to convey clearance for physical activity participation or to make a referral to a medically supervised exercise program. • Pre-Activity Screening Questionnaire (PASQ) • Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ)

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