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"Training Notes" from t he editor s fitness trainers, we often operate on a different timeline than the rest of the world. While everyone else seems to be working for the weekend; we're already 6, 12, 24 weeks ahead on the calendar hoping to goodness—but pretty con- fident—that client we've got in our 8 am Monday/ Wednesday slot will be ready to progress to the next level of training. So as the season would have it, while our clients sneak in sips and bites of pumpkin spice indul- gences between training sessions, telling them- selves "New Years is just around the corner, I'll get completely back on track then … you know, after we finish the last of Aunt Suzy's homemade holiday cookies," we're already programing in the process of getting them back on that track. Unfortunately, though, once January does roll around and our schedules quickly piece together taking on the form of one of the most precisely played games of Tetris—the time for us as train- ers to work on our own New Year's resolutions has long passed. Here's the thing, it was those 6, 12, 24 weeks ago (in other words, right now as you read this) that were the most optimal times to get our physi- cal and mental health in check in an effort to best serve our clients. Honestly, how can we lead someone toward a strength goal if our own PRs are crumbling, support them through the hardest days of a new nutrition program if we're making unhealthy choices ourselves, or listen for hints of discouragement in our clients' voices if our own self-criticisms are yapping away inside our heads? So now is the moment, when your schedule is still flexible to focus on your Fall Foundations—the physical and mental health beams that support A Fall Foundations: Building Fitness Resolutions for the New Year the fitness possibilities you will be for the coming year. In this issue, our contributors discuss a variety of topics that you as a trainer could apply to the construction of your own Fall Foundations. - Kevin Kearns' "Check Up from the Neck Up" serves as a goal and motivational driven assess- ment for trainers. - Suzanne Digre's "Using the Small Changes Approach to Help Clients Lose Weight" is a great tool in reviewing your nutrition choices while de- veloping new and more sustainable ones for your trainer lifestyle. - Kaylee Cahoon's "Good Plank, Bad Plank" may be that reminder you need when it comes to sharpening movement patterns of even the most basic movements – that you'll undoubtedly be utilizing with new clients. - Gary W. Pitts' "Behind the Screen" details the trainer's legal obligations in health care screen- ings, which are applied more than ever come January. - Matt Given's "All Views on You" is a how-to on launching your own paid video on demand chan- nel, in turn expanding your offerings as a trainer. We'd love to hear from you, file all training notes at —Ellen Thompson, CPT

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