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Best Bites here are many myths surrounding protein intake. The most common being that it is impossible for your body to "absorb" more than 30 grams of protein in one sitting. Firstly, from a biological perspective, this sounds very maladaptive. Human beings likely wouldn't have survived if our our digestive tracts were so inefficient and wasteful of essential nutrients. Let's travel back into the stone age and have a look at our ancestors. They killed a mammoth, chopped it up into nice little pieces, portioned it out, put them into tuppers and in their freezer being very careful not to eat more than 30 grams of protein per meal, right? I didn't think so either. They just ate what was there. Secondly, this myth comes from a misinterpretation of old research. Old-time meatheads knew that you had to eat a ton of meat to grow muscle (hence the nickname "meathead"). How much did you need, though? Scientists figured out that consuming 30 grams of protein in a meal was sufficient to maximize the muscle protein synthesis response from a meal. Modern research confirms this research. Muscle protein synthesis is exactly what it sounds like: the body's process of synthesizing (creating) new muscle tissue. Awesome! Not so fast. Leucine: The Common Denominator As far as muscle protein synthesis is concerned, the amount of "protein" you eat is actually irrelevant. What matters is how much leucine you eat, which is one of the nine essential amino acids. In dietary science, "essential" means that your body cannot make it, and you must consume it to survive. T Does the 30 Gram Protein Rule add up? By Maik Wiedenbach Muscle Math

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