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BMI Points: • BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. • Easy to compute and only math required. • Increased BMI is an indicator for increased risk of chronic disease. • Difficult to factor in athletic population given muscle weighs more than fat. • Does not have the distinction of fat mass to fat free mass. • No distinction of fat mass location so unable to pinpoint where a higher percentage of fat is located on the body. • BMI is too broad to determine overall health—deeper testing needs to be implement- ed. • Alternate option is the waist to hip ratio. Alternatives: • Are there more accurate ways to measure and where do you find those: o Air-Displacement Plethysmography, DEXA (Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry), and Hy- drostatic Weighing. o There are pros and cons to each of these but most all pertain to comfort of the person being tested. If they don't like being underwater, do not choose hydrostatic. If they dislike enclosed spaces, do not choose A-DP. o Of note, you will not find these options in your local health club. These exist in hospitals/ care facilities, some universities, and/or research facilities. These are expensive set ups and, on top of their performance cost, can be challeng- ing to get appointments to be tested. Even with a confirmed test, the cost per testing session can be more than $50 (it is at the discretion of who owns the equipment). That is significantly more than nicely asking a club trainer for a caliper test Just make sure you understand his or her error window will probably be + or – 5 percent on your result. Test Source Accuracy Rating discretion of ($10-$20) Lange Skinfold Caliper, 4 discretion of ($10-$20) Omron HBF Handheld Body Fat Monitor, discountsporting. com 2 minimum 5 minimum 5 expectation 5 5 being very accurate Gladiator—Charlotte. Her experience within personal training is 12 years now. She holds performance studies. She shares a similar track record within the Charlotte health com- winners of Top 30 Under 30 and Best KickA$$ Female Trainer by Elevate Life- obtaining a feature on Butterflies and Coffee Grinds. Through her health and sports author and international speaker.

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