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rin Oprea has been Carrie Underwood's personal trainer since early 2007. The two have crisscrossed the country to- gether; Oprea consistently fine tuning Underwood's fitness and nutrition pro- gram to meet the demands of not only a chal- lenging tour schedule, but also the Red Carpets of Awards Season. "Erin has taught me a lot about physical fit- ness and has helped me move from 'dieting' to maintaining a consistent healthy lifestyle," Underwood has said. But for the past 12 months Oprea has found her way from the tour bus and into the homes of hundreds of thousands, transforming rela- tionships with nutrition and fitness via her book "The 4X4 Diet: 4 Key Foods, 4-Minute Work- outs, Four Weeks to the Body You Want", which Underwood happened to pen the foreword for. Complete with meal plans and recipes, Oprea guides you through a program geared to reduce bloating and belly fat; gain increased muscle definition in the arms, legs, and stom- ach; improve cardiovascular endurance; and break sugar and sodium addictions within four weeks. E "Once my mind is set on something, I work until it's complete. I don't waste time, I don't ask whether it's too late to call or too weird to ask."

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