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had to be grabbed after the fact because, like all my conclu- sions, they are brought together by multiple experts and articles over many, many years. Quite often it is a combination of trial and error and the most recent "healthy" articles found online. I am not a fad person, but I do understand that each fad has it's own merit. Cutting out all carbs is ridiculous to me but that doesn't mean there can't be something learned from that. That was the beginning for me finding out what carbs aren't the best for you, when you can eat the great carbs and the differ- ence between the types of carbs. Using this formula of having an open mind and experimenting brought me to the core nutrition values of "The 4x4 Diet". FT: How did you determine which workouts would be best? EO: It wasn't about doing a work- out in 4 minutes; but creating something simple, effective, and modifiable. I don't always do Tabatas all the time, but they are a great way to push people of all levels. I wanted my book to challenge the beginner and the advanced and that is an incredibly tough proposition! Tabata is also a way to make workouts into a game. You challenge yourself against a clock and only need to push for 20 seconds at a time. My clients love this aspect of my workouts, in addition to the results they get. FT: What did you find to be the most difficult part of creating a book of this type? EO: Trying to explain in writing a maneuver that is so simple to explain when standing in front of someone. Writing down how to perform even a pushup can be weirdly difficult. I could prob- ably write an entire page just about this one exercise, but need it to be simple straightforward and understandable. Now try and write about doing a com- pound maneuver! FT: Are there any additional points you would like to add regard- ing nutrition when training that personal trainers or coaches may not be aware of, or consider? EO: An all time challenge for most adults, especially women, is drinking wine. They say that they are saving their calories for this and unfortunately, not all calories are created equal. Preaching to your clients about planning their drinking nights so that they don't end up having these empty calories every time they are out. Ellen Thompson Is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist in New York City. Ellen's approach to training is that "anything is possible." Endurance, Strength, and Stability/Agility training are at the core of her fitness programming. She holds a Master's degree in New Media Publishing and Magazine Editing from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Her media credits include print and online contributions to Healthguru. com, Men's Fitness, Shape,, and She serves as Editorial Director of Fitness Trainer magazine.

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