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Suzanne Digre Is National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and online coach in Den- ver, Colorado. Suzanne also has a Bachelor's in Journalism from Metropolitan State College of Denver. Her 20-year passion for weightlifting led her to found her blog,, where she's written more than 300 fitness and nutrition articles. Suzanne founded her online coaching business, Workout Nirvana Fitness, LLC, in 2011 to help women eat clean unapologetically, sculpt lean muscle, and own a fierce mindset both in and out of the weight room. In addition to weightlifting, Suzanne loves hiking in the Rocky Moun - tains, cycling, and most recently, cross- country skiing. She approaches personal training with a compassionate yet deter- mined attitude that allows clients to feel successful with small, consistent lifestyle and mindset changes. Diets that rely mostly on shakes or meal replacements can be expensive, leave out important nutrients, and are difficult to sustain long term. Fat burners can be dangerous and have not been proven to help people lose weight. Supplement-BaSed A diet that's too low in calories can cause muscle loss, increased cravings, and feelings of deprivation. It can also potentially cause hormonal / metabolic issues and gives no wiggle room if your client plateaus. extremely low Calorie A diet that requires ingredients available only at exclusive stores or online can be extremely diff- icult to follow. Complicated food prep and hard-to-find ingredients don't mix well with most people's busy lives. expenSive or oBSCure ingredientS

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