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"Training Notes" from t he editor ust as key exercises vary from one client's program to another client's program; so do the nutrients in theirs diets—and to be honest; a macronutrient matters just as much as a combination move- ment when getting the client to their intended fitness goal, or at least I've found. For instance, I have one client who when we began training about a year and a half ago set her sights on losing 75 pounds. So of course I started to piece together a number of circuits to form the base of her program, being sure the strength to cardio ratios were solid; keep- ing in mind that I needed to forward her a weekly Food & Mood Tracker if we were going to see the scale budge. Right as I was about to click send on the tracker, she clicked send on a text message gushing about her mo- ments earlier transition to veganism. Suffice to say, while keeping her caloric intake in check attention now needed to be placed on nutrients pairings to ensure com- plete proteins were making their way onto her plate, along with other key nutrients. A.J. Brye's "Team Veg" on plant-based nutrition featured in this issue covers the concept in a digestible way. Once we had her fitness and nutrition pro- grams set and rolling, the client—being her spunky and determined self—shook it all up announcing she wanted to take on marathon training, starting with a half. And so our fit- ness and nutrition plans morphed to accom- modate endurance training, in conjunction with weightloss and strength gains. J Beyond the Bite A year and half later, she's down 80 pounds and running along side me as we gear up for the San Diego Marathon this coming June. Here's one of the things though, we didn't allow her sudden interest in veganism to take the shape of a fad diet. We acknowledged many of the red flags that could have ap- peared along the way, as noted in Suzanne Digre's Inspired Coaching Techniques column this issue. Instead, we used nutrition to fuel her fitness; from prep to recovery modes. Not every client is going to be as receptive as this one has; especially when it comes to bringing the intensity into the kitchen; as elite, and celebrity, trainer Erin Oprea attests to in our cover feature "Clean & Lean". However, along with her 4X4 Diet she has insightful tips on firing up a nutritional shift in even the most hesitant client. And remember, it's not just the biceps and triceps that we need to feed, we also need to feed the client's most important muscle—the brain. Science of Movement columnist Kay- lee Cahoon discusses how movement, in the form of a solid fitness routine, is the stimulus for brain development. We'd love to hear from you, file all training notes at —Ellen Thompson, CPT

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