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Calipers Points: • Calipers are a tool used in skin-fold body-fat testing. Such a test calls for measurements of skin-fold thicknesses, at specific sites, to acquire a percentage value. • Calipers can work well for certain training situ- ations IF the person testing is properly trained and has put in a certain number of hours to be- come proficient. Calipers also work best if same person tests each time. o Some of the most proficient caliper testing trainers I have worked alongside have experience within exercise science degree programs, research experience, and have put in more than 350 hours of caliper testing protocol. Per my experience with trainers from the previously discussed back- ground compared to self-taught or non-degreed trainers, the later are never as proficient or profes- sional. My suggestion to all trainers—seek out a well-seasoned professional and practice daily! • The Type of calipers matters. o Please, please, please ALL trainers stop buying the plastic $10 calipers. That is hands down some of the worst advice I have read from a number of articles. Yes—equipment matters! Just as you would not buy a piece of PVC to load on 200+lbs for a client to squat, you would not expect plastic calipers to provide an accurate read. You need to invest in well-made calipers and keep them calibrated. Tools of the Trade hen taking on a new client, there are a variety of assessments that need to be considered; overhead squat, horizontal pull / push, Rockport Walk Test, etc. Now if that new client's goal is one of weight loss, well then, a body fat assessment / measurement is of course on your list. So what's your go-to method when tracking progress? Calipers or Body Mass Index (BMI)? Honestly, it's surprising to see that calipers vs. BMI is even still a "debate"! But it is. So let's hear each side out. W Method Equipment Cost Cost Per Test Calipers $269.95 discretion trainer ($10-$20) Bioelectrical Impedience $50 discretion trainer ($10-$20) Hydrostatic $20,000-22,000 $50-$75 minimum A-DP $50,000 $45 minimum DEXA $30,000 $130 expectation Accuracy Rating: 1 being not very accurate and 5 Ciara Delgado Is an ALPHA Primary Trainer with Camp Gladiator—Charlotte. three degrees in exercise science and sport performance munity as Ms. Terah Goad -In 2015 she was one of 30 winners style Magazine (Charlotte, NC), as well as also obtaining industry career, she has also become an accomplished author

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