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• Age specifications: o Elderly—there no significant difference in general recs. o Children—very age specific!l and would require assistance of registered dietitian to accurately indicate. • Athletic children. Again, very age specific and depends upon sport, but in general all children have much higher caloric requirements than adults. However needs do not stray much from the general macronutrients distributions. Consultation from registered dietitian strongly recommended in this population. • Chronic Health Conditions: o Diabetes. 40-45% total caloric intake from carbohydrates. Other macronutrient distribution is the same. o Heart Disease. Low fat, especially saturated fat, must be adhered to. o Gluten and/or other Allergies. These populations do not have separate macronutrient recommendations. o Eating Disorders. Heed caution any time nutrition is discussed with this population! Do not discuss calories or grams. No specifics with these clients! Consultation with registered dietitian required. o Estimate calories for client—easiest is IBW equation and then multiply percent of macronutrients by total calories. Ex. 5'5 female IBW = 125 pounds = 56.8 kg. 56.8 kg x 25 - 30 = 1420-1700 calories. Then 1420 x 0.40 carbs = 568 calories from carbs = 142 grams of carbs per day Trainer Math

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