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I Jennifer Overway Is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certi- fied Personal Trainer, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Sci- ence. She is also a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Beachbody Live Group Fitness Instructor. n one hand you've got a dumbbell and in the other— a remote or smartphone. While fit trends continue to surge, there's no denying the resonating boom that's cur- rently echoing throughout the at-home workout corner. From DVDs to the transition to on demand fitness; having your cli- ent in front of their TV, laptop, or smartphone just may improve the outcome of that fitness program you've meticulously crafted for them. Not all fitness trainers are versed in the art of video pro- duction, app development, or even online programming; however we are (or at least should be) versed in the skill of pinpointing an effective workout routine. Which is why when it comes to at home training, if it's necessary, I always consider a home-based workout program that's already been proven and created. Personally I've done many of them myself, and I have not hesitated to recommend them to my clients for both nu- trition and exercise accountabil- ity. I especially believe that dur- ing the times of the year when weather, vacation, the school year, etc. compromise their ability to meet me for training; these tools fill my needs as a trainer and their needs as the client. I know this is a topic a lot of fitness professionals are leery about, but I really think it de- pends on the trainer, as well as the client's goals. Plus I've found that my clients trust me and they appreciate me hav- ing their best interest in mind when it comes to progress in the program. Regardless of the ap- proach, knowing that I am just as invested in their goals as they are goes a long way. By Jennifer Overway A Dose of Class • Turbokick • Insanity • P90X • PiYo • CIZE A Serving of Nutrition • My Fitness Pal • 21 Day Fix App • Fitocracy Macros • HealthyOut • Waterlogged

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