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Training Locale From living rooms to parks Training Equipment Resistance Bands Resistance Loops Low Load Dumbbells Ankle Weights Jump Rope Agility Ladder Balance and Gliding Discs Suspension Trainers Stretch Strap Massage Ball Training Program Notes • Flexibility: A Stretch Strap can help increase range of motion, which also helps muscles resist injury. • Stability: Suspension Trainers can assist a client in progressively working towards one legged squats. • Agility: An Agility Ladder while challenging a cli- ent's physical response time, also challenges their mental response time. • Strength: Resistance Bands are awesome because any movement performed in the gym can be replicat- ed anywhere you set up. The other benefit is function- ality, as in full body movements and balance work. • Weight Loss: A Jump Rope can straddle cross a client to a serious calorie burn. Pros Vs Cons *Portable *Multi-use *Can be a heavy load to carry *May need to impro- vise, but don't have the right tools on hand Backpack Trainer The trainer who straps it all to their back. Strength, stability and agility, weight loss; no matter the client's goal -- this trainer has it in the bag, literally! 1

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