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o say Dave Paladino is up to speed with, and even times miles ahead of, fitness training trends could be quite the understatement. Paladino, whose roots are in martial arts, instinctively understood and then acknowledged the power be- hind group fitness training with the 2002 introduction of STRIKE ZONE, a unique blend of striking techniques from all martial art disciplines incor- porated with an intense strength and conditioning component in a group fitness program. With the rise of popularity in com- bative sports since he first conceptu- alized STRIKE ZONE, a program like Paladino's—designed to accommo- date the beginner all the way up to a season professional—is sure to appeal to a broad public. Classes are intense, but adhere to proper form and tech- nique, which allows the member to achieve their goals in a safe, effective enjoyable atmosphere. " What inspired me to develop this type of program was the influence I had from my many years in martial arts," Paladino says. " I started train- ing when I was 18 and still train vigorously to this day. My Grand Master the late great Shihan Bob Long from the Bob Long School of Self Defense has had tremendous influ- ence on me and my development as a person, friend, student, teacher and father." All traits Paladino isn't convinced a box gym cashing in on trends, specifically group and person- al training trends, can bring to their members. T By Justin Tarica

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