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"Our internal technology support for our trainers is also incredible and helps trainers to run a successful business with us." - Ally DAviDson The Partner Trainers at Camp Gladiator have access to several tools all with the same goal in mind; to get the trainer as much relevant information as possible, as efficiently as possible, in order to keep them engaged with their Campers. "We have found that once a trainer is armed with [these tools] information, the retention rate of our campers goes up more than 200 percent!" explains McLeish. Essentially, Camp Gladiator's technology department has built a tailored experience for their participants, Partner Trainers, critical in-house departments (which include customer service and trainer support departments), as well as the executive group. Camp Gladiator paves the way with its approach to building a fit community living a healthy lifestyle through the use of technology while still encouraging people to get outside and experience life beyond the device. * Additional reporting by Chad Hitchcock. Ciara Delgado, CPT, M.S.S Delgado is a certified ALPHA Partner Trainer with Camp Gladiator Charlotte, NC. With 12 years of health and fitness experience she contributes regularly to national and inter- national publications stemming from peer- reviewed research publications to national trainer and general population education contributions. Constant research projects of Ms. Delgado extend from biomechanics & training principles through to health and sport psychology.

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