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ove your exercise or yoga classes outside for the day, and your clients will experi- ence more than a "breath of fresh air." Studies have firmly conclud- ed that people who exercise outdoors have a higher likeli- hood of maintaining a regular fitness regimen. Then again, connecting with nature can help give us perspective on ourselves, spark some creative thinking, enhance our ability to focus, stimulate a positive attitude,and reduce stress reduction; which undoubtedly inspire the desire to be more active. Bringing Outdoor Experiences Inside There are however, bigger dif- ferences to note between indoor and outdoor activities when there is 'virtual' equipment needed to perform those types of exercises indoors such as treadmills, spinners, and rowing machines. Indoor equipment manufac- turers have done a remarkable job bringing outdoor experi- ences inside. The addition of hills, curves, pressure, and visual stimulation can really intensify your indoor workouts. However, our brains can not be fully tricked into thinking we are actually outdoors, and thus there are still significant benefits from the real thing. The Unpredictability Factor The single biggest difference between indoor and outdoor activities is the unpredictability factor. Working in an unpredict- able environment adds a mean- ingful layer to exercise that can not be replicated indoors. There is just so much much going on outside that our nervous system must poise itself to be able to take action, should something surprising happen. What this means for your body is that your joints will work with a bit more pliability in order to be ready for possible direction changes, your stride may be a bit longer, your speed a little faster, you will be more alert— hence your physical effort will be greater. In simple words, a more alert nervous system leads to higher physical output. Ad- ditionally, moving in autopilot M By Kaylee Cahoon

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