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The Science of Movement Kaylee Cahoon, BCSI, LMT, CPI, is a nationally recognized Movement Educa- tor, Internationally Board Certified Structural Integration Practitioner, certified Pilates In- structor, former internationally touring profes- sional dancer, former television and theater choreographer, and a teacher of teachers. Her 30 plus years of various somatic movement training, explorations and discover- ies combined with anatomy, physics, and neuroscience, provide the infrastructure for her perceptive and integrative teachings. In private practice Kaylee's work to enhance movement function includes high-profile clients, high-performance athletes, post-re- habilitation, chronic pain issues, and even traumatic brain injury. Kaylee teaches CE workshops for both manual and movement therapists in integrating movement and manual techniques, structural body reading, and developing structural balancing strategies. She is the creator of the SMARTCore® Method, a neuromuscular approach to functional fitness which has intro- duced the innovative resistance based skateboard, theCoreG- lide® to the world of fitness. Learn more about SMARTCore® Method and the CoreGlide® at Visit is less likely when exercising outdoors, so your awareness of yourself and your surroundings will be heightened. These additional benefits of exercising outdoors should in no way dimin- ish the fact that exercising regularly in any environment is great for the mind and the body! Change Course As a trainer, changing up the routine is im- portant to making progress with your clients. Change up can be in the repertoire, the speed, the weight, the repetitions, the plane in which you do the exercise, the breath, the focus, and the environment. As you know, mental stimulation for your cli- ent is as important as physical stimulation in getting them to succeed. If being outside can enhance your client's performance mentally and physically, think about the potentiality of in- creasing your own performance as the instruc- tor. Don't be afraid to use the outdoors.

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