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extensions • Side step and diagonal step hip abduction holding weight or with tubing • Smith machine squat or holding dumbbells on side of hip(integrate slowly once re- turning from physical therapy, increasing reps, then sets before increasing weight to improve muscular endurance) Exercises that are contrain- dicated include with ratio- nale: • Single leg squats a.k.a. pistol squats (creates direct unilateral loading onto hip joint) which may aggravate client • Plyometrics or jumping (important to not perform until client performs at least 6 weeks of base training and is asymp- tomatic) Hip bursitis is a common hip condition that a fitness profes- sional may encounter. Under- standing the anatomy, biome- chanics and proper program design with evidenced based training strategies, will provide you with a better understanding to work with clients. References: Buono, A., et al 2011, 'Management of the greater trochanteric pain syndrome: a systematic review,' British Medical Bulletin, vol. 12, pp. 115-131. Brinks A, van Rijn R, Bohnen A, et al, 2007, 'Effect of corticosteroid injection for trochanter pain syndrome: design of a ran- domized clinical trial in general practice,' BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, vol. 8, pp. 95. Lievense A, et al., 2005, 'Prognosis of trochanteric pain in primary care,' Brit- ish Journal General Practice, Vol. 55, pp. 199–205. Tibor, L,. Sekiya, J., 2008, 'Current Concepts: Differential Diagnosis of Pain Around The Hip Joint,' Journal of Ar- throscopic and Related Surgery, vol. 14, no 12., pp. 1407-14 Williams B., Cohen, 2009, 'Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome: A Review of Anatomy, Diagnosis and Treatment,' International Anesthesia Research Society, Vol. 108, No. 5, pp. 1662-1670. Chris Gellert Is the CEO of Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems(PTCS), a continuing education company that provides educational material in the forms of evidenced based home study courses, ELearning courses, live seminars, DVDs, webinars, articles and teaching in- depth, the foundation science, functional assessments and practical application behind Human Movement. Chris is both a dynamic physical therapist with 16 years experience, and a personal trainer with 20 years experience, with advanced training, has created over 10 courses, is an experienced international fitness presenter, writes for various websites and international publications, consults and teaches seminars on human movement. For more information, please visit

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