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"Training Notes" from t he editor 've just got to get some air!" Chances are you've said this through gritted teeth at least once in your life, which in turn means your client likely has too. But hey, there's no denying the wonders a single breath of fresh air can bring: decreased heart rate … a release of stress ... a positive shift in perspective. Now just imagine the impact an endorphin- inducing workout could have when performed outdoors. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a systematic review of studies comparing indoor versus outdoor activity con- ducted in natural environments suggests that outdoor activity, think green ... like parks and such, results in greater feelings of revitalisation and positive engagement; not to mention im- proved self-esteem and reduction in tension, anger and depression. Interestingly, the first five minutes of green exercise appears to have the biggest impact on mood and self-esteem, suggesting imme- diate psychological health benefits including heart rate and blood pressure control while endocrine markers such as noradrenaline, adrenaline and cortisol (an objective measure of stress) balance out. It's those first five minutes that Ally David- son, the co-founder of Camp Gladiator, has ever so skillfully utilized as she developed a multi-million dollar boot camp program that brings participants closer to their stability, agility, strength and weight loss goals. But not only has Davidson tapped into the benefits of outdoor training via one of the most funda- mental—and cost effective—fitness models; she's acknowledged how humans are now " I The Great Green Open interacting with nature vs technology as Ciara Delgado explains in "Camp Gladiator: Logged On". Speaking of vast and varied goals from stability to power, Kevin Kearns highlights the flourishing possibilities for trainers lured by the great outdoors in his feature "Training Outside of the Box … Gym", as brothers Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo bring us back to the concrete jungle with "Don't Forget the Calisthenics, Don't Forget the Streets". And Kaylee Cahoon discusses the mental and physical health benefits of the 'unpredictability factor' in her Science of Movements column "Bring your Client Outdoors." This issue, we're excited to welcome Regis- tered Dietitian, Certified Strength and Condi- tioning Specialist, and Competitive Powerlifter Manny Prieto with his The Making of Strength Athletes column, which will regularly explore Powerlifting and Strength and Conditioning concepts. Our resident Physical Therapist, Chris Gel- lert, has offered crucial insight on training clients with a condition that may be more common than you realized; "Hip Bursitis: Ap- propriate and Safe Program Design." We'd love to hear from you, file all training notes at —Ellen Thompson, CPT

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