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Fitness fan mail Send us a note and tell us what you think of Fitness Trainer and what we can do to make it better. Lean and CLean : The PerfeCT InduL- genCe Really enjoyed the Q&A with Erin Oprea (Ellen Thompson FT's January/ February 2017). I've been following her work for sometime now. As a trainer who programs far from the glimmer of big cities (Chey- enne, Wyoming), it's always intriguing to get a peek into the programming of celebrity trainers --you could say it's my equivalent to reality TV (haha). Would love to see more pieces delving into such trainers' jour- neys. ~ Alex G., Cheyenne, WY dIsCIPLIne, CharaCTer, hoPe Leads To new BegInnIngs Here I was thinking I'd be honing the athletic condi- tioning of lawyers, doctors, etc -- my base clientele -- for their weekends on the tennis courts, slopes, or half marathon course until I was ready to throw the towel in on training. But I've got to say, Kevin Kearns (FT's December 2016 feature " Discipline, Character … Hope) has me considering the lasting impact I could make if I directed my skills, drive and compas- sion, towards the youth. ~ Josh P., NY, NY a sTeP In The rIghT dIreCTIon When your clients find their feet in the sand more than they do athletic shoes, you know info on foot strengthening is exactly what you'll need and exactly what I found in your workout series (Kaylee Cahoon FT's December 2016 Science of Movement column)! ~ Sarah R., Golden Isles, FL Team Veg sTrengTh TraInIng Program I couldn't agree more, a fitness program is not com- plete unless the nutrition component is present -- especially for vegetarians and vegans. So now that we're aware of what nutrients need to be on our plant-based clients' plates (A.J. Brye FT's January/ February 2017 "Team Veg" feature), what about the training component though? What should we be keep- ing in mind when guiding plant-based clients through a strength training program? ~ Olivia D., San Diego, CA Letters We want to hear from you! Let us know if you're training a client for a triathlon or a marathon. We want to hear about what you work on with your client and your successes. Let us know on Facebook! All letters from readers become the property of VRM Media and emails to editor. Letters for this issue were selected from our Facebook page and emails to the editor.

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