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Best Bites Eating every three hours seems to be as much of a part of the bodybuilding culture like curls and crunches. But is it true? I stressed myself out so much (and my environment) by trying to eat every three hours in order to avoid going into the dreaded catabolic state. I would bring containers to church, weddings, flights... you name it. The truth is: your body does not have a stop watch … and even if you don't eat every three hours your, or your client's, progress won't diminish at a minute or 45 past the hour. If you, or your client, are a smaller individual and only consuming 1,500 calories, a 5-6 meal approach with 300 calories per meal is not all that satisfying. Someone bigger taking in 5,000 calories plus, will obviously need multiple meals to achieve that goal, causing a higher meal frequency. Here

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