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The Making of Strength Athletes By Manny Prieto owerlifting meets can be both motivating and intimidating at the same time. In the previous issue, I dis- cussed how to know if a lifter is ready to compete in a powerlift- ing meet, but even for the best- prepared lifters, what happens on meet day is very different from what goes on in the gym. A coach can help make a lifter's meet day experience as smooth as possible. But while program- ming and technique instruction are certainly important for any fitness goal, meet day is such a unique experience that a coach needs additional skills to be suc- cessful. Pre-Meet Planning • Write the Warm Up Going into a competition, hav- ing a plan is crucial. For a pow- erlifting meet, you should plan out warm-up sets and open- ing attempts in advance, along with options for second and third attempts. In competition, powerlifters typically take their warm-up sets in the warm-up area, and typically multiple lift- ers will share one piece of equip- ment. While the other lifters will be willing to let each other work in, knowing exactly how much weight your lifter should lift and when the lifter should take their warm-up sets will make the pro- cess much more efficient. Lift- ers submit their openers for all three lifts prior to the start of the meet, and are required to submit their second and third attempts P

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