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22 28 16 contents Volume 5 #3 may/June 2017 PICK your favorIte story and CLICK to read 8 Training Notes from the Editor 10 MasThEad by A.J. Brye FuNcTioNal coNNEcTioN 28 TraiNEr FEaTurEs ThE PErsoNal TraiNEr's TraiNEr by Ciara Delgado MiNd, Body & swol ... MaTEs 16 3 coachiNg TiPs Toward ThE ulTiMaTE accouNTaBiliTy ParTNEr BEsT BiTEs a BodyBuildiNg PErsPEcTivE oN MEal TiMiNg by Maik Wiedenbach oh No! iT's BEEN 3 hours 12 by Manny Prieto FroM TraiNEr To coach: whaT To ExPEcT oN MEET day 22 ThE MakiNg oF sTrENgTh aThlETEs sTrENgTh aNd coNdiTioNiNg coach BriaN NguyEN

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