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The key to keeping those hard-driving clients happy and healthy. By Suzanne Digre our client is steadily gaining strength and feels increasingly confident about strength training and her body. She loves the metabolic workouts you give her, too, and looks forward to her "sweat sessions." She identifies with hard work, grit, and determination. These highly motivated individuals are fun to train and usually see great results with our programs. But there's a caveat to working with enthusiastic, hard-driving clients who never miss a workout: We may feel pressured to keep the intensity high. One of the most difficult challenges personal trainers face is client expectations for "beast mode" workouts. Some clients come to expect punishing sessions and feel disappointed when you don't push them hard enough. We like it when clients say, "That was a great workout!" But if they walk out saying they have plenty of energy for a game of tennis, we get nervous. Logically, we know that no one should train hard day-in- and-day-out without a break. Without adequate recovery, your client can end up with overuse injuries, plateaus, hormonal disruptions, and even mood and sleep changes. But integrating recovery when they're feeling like a boss can feel like you're putting a screeching halt to their momentum. Balancing recovery with a client's need for challenge: You can accomplish this with a combination of creative programming and communication. Integrating Recovery On A Weekly Basis The most important thing to know about recovery? Mileage may vary. You need to assess your O Inspired Coaching Techniques

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