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"Training Notes" from t he editor s the years have progressed, it's been so important to un- ravel what connection is." Brian Nguyen, known as the mind be- hind Mark Wahlberg's muscle—a quick Google search will lead you toward his behind the scenes, in the gym, roles in In- vincible, Pain & Gain, and Lone Survivor, among many, many, many others. Now you'd think, "Wow, this guy has got to have some serious certs and tools to get the likes of Wahlberg in that type of shape over, and over, and over again." And yeah, you're right—for the most part. Nguyen has the certs; a Certified Athletic Trainer by the National Athletic Training Association, Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and Functional Movement Specialist and let's not forget, he studied Sports Medicine at UCLA. But here's the thing, it's one simple yet powerful tool that has gotten Nguyen, and his clients, to where they are—con- nection. It doesn't matter if he's in the gym with Wahlberg or a buttoned up number cruncher, Nguyen always relies on connection to produce results, as A.J. Brye shares in our cover feature "Functional Connection." The Making of Strength Athletes colum- nist Manny Prieto is back with a follow up to last issue's "From Client to Com- petitor: Tips for a First Powerlifting Meet." In "From Trainer to Coach: What to Ex- " A To Connect is to Inspire pect on Meet Day" he puts you into the coaches shoes and hands you a beyond comprehensive to - do list. And let's just say, he's included the tiny details even the most meticulous coach could miss. Suzanne Digre has this way of always accomplishing what at times can seem impossible to other trainers. For instance, her Inspired Coaching Techniques col- umn this month covers "How To Integrate Recovery On The Sly." In other words, the keys to keeping those hard-driving clients happy and healthy. You know, the ones who can't bear to take even 5 lbs off the bar or sit out just one spin class this week. Kaylee Cahoon in her The Science of Movement column this month takes on one of the most challenging joints in the body—the knee. If you're a firm believer that the knee should always be behind the toe, then you may want to flip over to "The Knee: Unhinged" and see what Kaylee has to say about queuing for dys- function. We'd love to hear from you, file all training notes at —Ellen Thompson, CPT

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