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' Available at: Or call 1-800-899-5111 24 HOURS A DAY ORDER NOW Add a Dragon Door Kettlebell to Your Arsenal— Durable, Resilient and Perfectly Designed to Give You Years of Explosive Gains in Strength, Endurance and Power Our most popular kettlebell weighs 35lb (16kg)— and is the ideal size for most men to jumpstart their new cardio, conditioning and strength programs. Excellent Quality "Unlike other kettlebells I have used, Dragon Door is of far superior quality. You name it, Dragon Door has got it! Where other bells lack, Dragon Door kettlebells easily meet, if not exceed, what a bell is supposed to have in quality! Great balance, nice thick han- dle for grip strength, and a finish that won't destroy your hands when doing kettlebell exercises." —BARRY ADAMSON, Frederick, MD Continually Impressed "Dragon Door never fails to impress with their quality service and products. I bought the 16kg last month and since adding it to my kettlebell 'arsenal', I am seeing huge improve- ment from the heavier weight. I have larger hands for a woman so the handle on the 16kg fits my hands perfectly and it feels great… This is my fifth month using kettlebells and I cannot imagine NOT using them. They have changed my life." —TRACY ANN Mangold, Combined Locks, WI Dragon Door bells just feel better "I purchased this 35lb bell for a friend, and as I was carrying it to him I was thinking of ways I could keep it for myself. Everything about this bell is superior to other brands. The finish is the perfect balance of smooth and rough. The handle is ample in both girth and width even for a 35 lb bell, and the shape/ dimensions make overhead work so much more comfortable. There is a clear and noticeable difference between Dragon Door bells and others. Now I am looking to replace my cheap bells with Dragon Door's. On a related note, my friend is thrilled with his bell."—RAPHAEL SYDNOR, Woodberry Forest, VA Made for Heavy-Duty Use! "These kettlebells are definitely made for heavy-duty use! They are heftier than they appear, and the centrifugal force generated while swinging single or two-handed requires correct form. I have read numerous online reviews of different companies who manu- facture kettlebells, and it I have yet to read a negative review of the kettlebells sold by Dragon Door. I have both the 35 and 44 lbs KBs, and I expect to receive a 53 lbs KB from Dragon Door by next week. And as I gain in strength and proficiency, I will likely order the 72 lbs KB. If you like to be challenged physically and enjoy pushing yourself, then buy a Russian Kettlebell and start swinging!" —MIKE DAVIS, Newman, CA New Dragon Door Bells— Best Ever! "Just received a new e-coat 16 yesterday. Perfect balance, perfect texturing, non-slip paint, and absolutely seamless." —DANIEL FAZZARI, Carson City, NV Dragon Door Kettlebells: The Real Deal! "The differences between Dragon Door's authentic Russian kettlebell and the inferior one which I had purchased earlier at a local big box sports store are astounding! The Dragon Door design and quality are clearly superior, and your kettlebell just 'feels' right in my hand. There is absolutely no compar- ison (and yes, I returned the substandard hunk of iron to the big box store for a credit as soon as I received your kettlebell). I look forward to purchasing a heavier kettlebell from as soon as I master the 16kg weight!"—STEPHEN WILLIAMS, Arlington, VA ven a man of average initial strength can immediately start using the 16kg/35lb kettlebell for two-handed swings and quickly gravitate to one-handed swings, followed by jerks, cleans and snatches. Within a few weeks you can expect to see spectacular gains in overall strength and conditioning—and for many—significant fat loss. Dragon Door re-introduced kettlebells to the US with the uniquely designed 35lb cast iron kettlebell—and it has remained our most popular kettlebell. Why? Let Dragon Door's own satisfied customers tell the story: E

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