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ecently, while finishing up training I was contemplating: what makes a great workout? It struck me that there are a few crucial components—all of which could benefit your client. 1. Have a vision Micheal Phelps wanted to be the greatest ever, Rocky needed to beat Drago, I want to be the most jacked dad in the NYC area... you get the idea. Your client having a vision will help them power through the tougher times. 2. Blinders may be needed though Gyms are funny places full of amazing creatures such as the selfie queen, BO guy, the grunter, the talk on the phone dude, etc. As hard as it is, clients need to let go of these characters and focus on themselves. After all, if the client is getting annoyed, whose workout are they harming? 3. Improvisation is the best back up plan If a piece of equipment is taken, find something else. Don't let your client get all worked up; cortisol is bad for you. 4. Stay off the grid When cell phones are present, so are distractions. I for one do not have the discipline to stay out of my email, Facebook, etc. So chances are your clients don't either. 6. Relax It's just a workout. Remind them there'll be another one tomorrow. - Maik Wiedenbach R How to Ensure a Great Workout

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