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On the Course of a Lifetime A.J. Brye, is a New York City based National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. With 10-plus years in the Fitness and Athletic Industry, A.J. develops fitness programs that are functional and complement anyone's lifestyle, in turn making daily life more enjoyable. 10. CARDIO • Intervals are crucial. We do a lot of run- ning, but unlike in long trail runs, we have ob- stacles. We run, run, run and then come to an obstacle- the body has to stop, switch gears, and then recruit other muscle groups to com- plete the obstacle before returning to running. - Your client can do this outside or indoors on the treadmill. Aim for 2 minutes of hard running followed up by 3 minutes at an easy manageable pace for 30 minutes. • Endurance is also key. These races aren't short. The average is around 3-5 miles, but they can get up to pretty lengthy distances. - As the weeks leading up to your client's race go by, gradually increase the time they are running based on the distance of the race they intend to run. These longer runs are meant to be done at a manageable, comfortable pace. Treadmill or Trail Run – 45 minutes to 1 Hour… • Can't run? Walk! Crank up that incline on the treadmill and have them walk for the same amount of time or hit up the StairMas- ter/StepMill. If outside, Hike! This is great training for the steep inclines found on most courses.

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