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'm a big movie buff and always have been. Years ago, I was watching the film "Of Mice and Men" featuring a young John Malkovich. Playing a mild mannered farm hand with incredible strength, Malkovich amazed actual workers on the farm in which the movie was be - ing filmed; as he could throw 100- pound bales of hay like a pillow. He had old school farm strength. Years later, Rulon Gardner a dairy farmer from the midwest beat the Russian favored Olym- pic wrestler for the gold medal in 2000 Olympics. When you compared the Russian to the Midwestern farmer, the Russian looked like " Drago" from Rocky 4 and Gardner looked like, well a farmer. The big difference though is Gardner was stronger in ways of old. At one point in time, our every- day jobs made us "farm strong". You worked the whole body as a unit; ultimately, and for some unintentionally, developing func- tional strength. "Farm strength" is strength you can use. There is no focusing on specific body parts or doing separate cardio. You move as na- ture intended you to moveā€”as a complete unit. I Farm Strength vs Gym Strength Gym Move Back Squat Strengthens the legs and lower back. Cardio output can be high if high reps are done. However there is no rotational element in the movement and no locomo- tion which we need everyday. Farm Strength Farmers Walk Strengthens the legs, shoulders, upper back, lower back, as well as hits locomo- tion which causes core rotation.

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