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Farm Strength Sled Pulls This works the entirety of the legs and will crush your cardiac. Can be used to work the entire anterior of the body or poste- rior, depending on how you configure the sled. And forget about grip strength if you are using a rope to pull the sled. Gym Move Low Rows Works the lats, arms and lower back. Great for putting on size in that area, but does little for the lower body. Plus how of- ten are you sitting down supported pulling something, ah never. Now, we can compare and con- trast any gym move with a farm- er move all day. What it boils down to is; which clients can benefit from functional train- ing—a leading demographic would be 40-plus year olds look- ing for a maximum workout in minimum time. I'm 50 going on 51. I have two kids and three businesses to operate. I don't have two - three hours a day to do chest and back. I need to maximize my time in the gym and be extremely effi- cient and effective. And it's likely you have a client in the same position. It's these clients who need to activate as many joints and mus- cles as possible for maximum benefit. Those benefits include. 1. Stimulate growth hormone with heavy loads (we lose testos- terone and HGH after age 30) 2. Maximizing caloric output (we need to burn more fat as we get older) 3. Maintaining and preserving lean muscle mass 4. Look as young as possible 5. Stress relief because life hap- pens The Best Potential Client in the Stable Farm Strength

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