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The prevalence of bullying is a serious problem for individuals of all ages and walks of life. As a child, Coach Kevin Kearns, the strength and conditioning coach for numerous professional MMA fighters, struggled daily with being bullied after his father passed away. In his book "Always Picked Last: Conquering the Bullies," he bares his soul about his experiences and teaches life lessons on maneuvering through challenges in life. He shows you how to turn that pain, humiliation and suffering into a force that will leave your tormentors far behind you. Always Picked Last is available at Bullied? Find Your Way In Life with This Book Book available here In this comprehensive Holistic Health book, Coach Gary Pitts provides you with the necessary nutritional advice and healthy lifestyle recommendations you need to: - Prevent and reverse illness. - Supercharge your brain, your body, and your life. - Become super- lean, strong, and healthy. - Transform your metabolism and heal yourself with a ketogenic nutritional approach. - Increase your energy; feel good in body, mind and spirit. It's up to you to take responsibility for your own health, well-being, and happiness; which can be achieved with education and action. Eliminating all neurotoxins in your diet and in your environment, should be your first approach. No one can do this for you; not your spouse, parent, or any person wearing a white- coat. Your conventionally-trained medical doctor and dietician are not trained in the biochemistry of nutrition. You should Fire Your Doctor- Hire Yourself! This should be your number one priority to achieve your best health possible. Fire Your Doctor- Hire Yourself!: Super health & Fitness for Lawyers & Desk Professionals Book available here

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