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of the pelvis should and upright and not be chronic flexion. bottom of the pelvis floor) should be directly torso and not pulled backward, or toward • The ribcage should present a feeling of lift in both the front and the back and not be pulled down in the front or back, over to one side, rotated or compress- ed in. • The collar bones and scapular should sit as a wide yoke sitting on an upright rib cage without any feeling that the collarbones are being pulled in or down or that the scapulae are pulled up. Once you identify restrictions (there are many more possibilities other than the ones I stated), move to the next step. octor's nationwide are con- sistently prescribing core strengthening to their pa- tients to help relieve back there is optimal function- core, the spine will have compression, range of motion maximized, and the body will to hurt or get injured. Unfortunately, lots of people think strengthening the core means short - ening and tightening it and focus on exercises that pursue 6-pack abs. If the abdominal muscles are con- stantly shortened, it will become more difficult to stand up in good posture. That is one of the reasons many body builders and hard core fitness enthusiasts look like they are hunched forward. They are ironically being pulled into poor posture by their own strong abs. As the anterior core gets shorter and shorter, joint spaces tighten, discs degenerate, and soft tissue around joints such as ligaments, tendons, and bursae can become chronically inflamed due to increased friction in tight spaces. An expansional core idea would free the body, stabilize joint spaces, and allow posture and move- ment to be easy. Here are some ways to accomplish that. Kaylee Cahoon Identify tissues that are inhibiting the structure from being upright

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