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"Training Notes" from t he editor he sun is shining, birds are chirp- ing, the air is thick with sweat and dust—that's right, it's the height of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) season. With all the hype and hashtags sur- rounding OCR ... and mounting ... the past five years; chances are you've got a client, or few, who is "Sharpee"ing their participant number onto their face and arms or gearing up to sign up. No mat- ter the stage they're at before the course, both types of client can benefit from a training program that will develop and hone the athletic skills needed on race day. And who better to tap for training and programming insight than elite obstacle course competitor Brooke Van Paris. A.J. Brye caught up with Van Paris, a Nation- al Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, in "On the Course of a Lifetime"; in which she discusses the tur- bulent road that led her to a life chang- ing path full of obstacles (quite literally) and her Top 10 OCR Tips. Let's just say, if you've been stuck on how to best pro- gram your client, beginner or advanced— the moves are there. Speaking of movements, Kevin Ke- arns is back with a new workout geared to build strength and burn fat while get- ting you out of the gym and into the sun. "Farmer's Grit" takes us back to a time when our everyday jobs made us "farm T 2017: A Summer of Strength and Grit strong". As Kearns explains, you worked the whole body as a unit; ultimately, and for some unintentionally, developing functional strength. Find out how Farm Strength matches up with Gym Strength and 10 ways to get your clients' hands dirty; you just have to be sure your client has the grit to get through. This issue we welcome Best Bites col- umnist Nancy Clark, one of the leading sports nutritionist in the industry work- ing with the Boston Celtics and serving as Team Nutritionist for the Boston Red Sox. Clark, a registered dietitian (RD) and board certified specialist in sports dietet- ics (CSSD), dips into the subject of pea- nut butter and fitness. There's no denying there's a thick relationship between the two; but just how healthy is that relation- ship? Flip over to "All you Want to Know about Peanut Butter" and get the scoop on the creamiest of supplements. We'd love to hear from you, file all training notes at —Ellen Thompson, CPT

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